Japan Adaptation Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) System

JAMES is a web system for monitoring and evaluating climate change adaptation at the multiple levels.
The system, produced by the Ministry of the Environment Japan (MOEJ), aims to support the efforts of developing countries to make progress with their adaptation process.


What is M&E?

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is a core part of the adaptation process.



Record the progress made in planning and implementing adaptation measures



Determine the effectiveness of adaptation measures

M&E allows adaptation planners and practitioners to identify challenges and improvements in the adaptation process and feed them back into subsequent efforts.


government officers


JAMES is designed for government officers in developing countries seeking to identify challenges and improvements in their efforts.
M&E indicators in this system can also be used as a "reference guide" for government officers who have just undertaken the adaptation process.

User interactive


Adaptation to climate change takes different shapes and forms, depending on the unique context of a country, region, or organization. Therefore, M&E indicators need to be tailored to the user’s characteristics and situation.
JAMES provides each user with the most suitable set of M&E indicators according to the property information entered by the user.

Fully operationalize
the adaptation process


Many government officers in developing countries are stumbling upon conducting M&E due to their limited knowledge and experience.
JAMES provides users with the opportunity and support to start M&E. It leads the users to fully operationalize the adaptation process.

Facilitate reporting


Many government officers involved in the adaptation process are tasked with reporting their progress.
JAMES make it easy for users to document the results of M&E and attach them to various reporting materials.

How to use

At JAMES, M&E will be conducted according to the following three steps.


Enter your property information


Answer the questions presented on your scorecard


Receive the results of M&E and, if necessary, document them

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